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The Copla Musical is a story of freedom, romance and loss – all set in the heart of the Spanish Civil War, where drag artist La Gitana is rescued from prison by a group of Republican fighters and sets out on a mission to spy on the forces that captured her. She moves continents, becomes a drag sensation, finds love… yet always struggles to merge her Spanish past with her American future. La Gitana’s struggle to fit into a changing world is mirrored in her personal life, and through it all, she sings to us… her audience. 


The Copla Musical is a project developed through years of research and inspired by traditional Spanish Copla (folk) songs that have not seen the light outside of Spain, but now take form of a contemporary musical in English. The production involves storytelling and musical numbers through La Gitana’s cabaret performances that aim to recreate the original atmosphere of Spanish Copla. Copla was an actual genre of music repressed by Franco’s dictatorship and ultimately lost into history... until you see this story unfold. 


The show is being developed as a musical, a solo and a cabaret.


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