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Writer and performer of The Copla Musical, Alejandro Postigo is a theatre practitioner and researcher with a PhD in ‘Intercultural adaptation of Copla’. He has led and instigated The Copla Musical since its early developments at Hoxton Hall, Roundhouse and the Collisions Festival to its international touring of Europe and America. He plays the part of La Gitana and represents HisPanic Breakdown, a collective committed to addressing Anglo-Spanish re-interpretations of culture and folklore, as demonstrated in their existing works ‘Men on the Verge of a HisPanic Breakdown’ (USA/UK, 2009-10), ‘Wondering Thoughts’ (Bangkok, 2014) and ‘The Copla Musical’ (Europe/America, 2014-20).

Alejandro Postigo



Tian is a director, playwright and multi-skilled freelance theatre practitioner. The main thread through his projects are that of social concerns and communities. After beginning his production experience at the BBC; his acceptance on the Royal Court Critical Mass Writer's course in 2009 spring-boarded his career into the theatre world. Since 2014, he leads diverse theatre company New Slang Productions and collaborates with HisPanic Breakdown.

Tian Glasgow

The footlights and sparkle of La Gitana's stage are the magic touch of Pablo Fernández Baz and María José Martínez Sánchez, our lighting and set designers. Pablo has worked extensively illuminating the London stages with companies such as Fourth Monkey, Zecora Ura, or Talawa, and venues like Ovalhouse, Sadler's Wells and The Place. María José is a graduate of RCSSD and founding member of 'Neck of the Woods'.

María José Martínez

Creative producer Andrea Jimenez is a graduate of LISPA and Co-Artistic Director of ‘Teatro En Vilo’ with whom she produces. She has taken the Award Winner piece ´Interrupted´ to the Edinburgh Fringe, and recently produced ´Generation Why?´ at the National Theatre in Madrid.

Moving image creative, technologist, actor and director, Enrique Muñoz has trained in the United Kingdom (Ravensbourne and Central Saint Martins), Spain and Italy and currently explores the use of the new immersive technologies within the Performing Arts at Rose Bruford, UK.

Enrique Muñoz / Andrea Jiménez




Actress, singer and violinist Violeta García is one of the founder members of this company. Guildhall School of Music and Drama graduate Violeta has a Copla ensemble named ‘Farsa Monea’ that plays adaptations of traditional Copla songs in the UK. Her passion for Copla has pushed this project forward since its early 2012 developments. Through her music, Violeta guides Gitana’s conscience in her journey towards self-identification.

Violeta García

Kimon Pallikaropoulos is a piano graduate from Oxford University. He is a composer and arranger and has recently moved onto MDing and arranging new musical theatre works such as Cripes! The Boris Johnson Musical, and The Copla Musical. He has an interest in jazz and folklore, and his Greek-British double heritage and musical knowledge is an invaluable asset for this project.

Kimon Pallikaropoulos
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